Does T-Mobile iPhone 6s work on Verizon?

The T-Mobile iPhone 6s ships factory unlocked and will work on Verizon. Stetson Doggett, the reviewer in this video, confirms that the phone will work on CDMA carries like Verizon or Sprint. Indeed, the phone will work on these carriers. If this video helped you, please consider sharing this post or liking the video on Youtube. Thanks for watching.

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Boost Mobile iPhone Free Month of Service Deal

See the best Boost deals available at the official site. Perhaps the best deal is the $100 credit you get for porting your current phone number over to Boost Mobile.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 deal running right now is pretty darn enticing too.  See all the juicy deals over at

boost-mobile-unlimitedRight now, through 12/31 (aka through the end of the year), Boost Mobile is offering one free month of service with any new phone purchase from the official website,  This is a savings worth $60, since that is the highest costing unlimited prepaid plan Boost has in its lineup.  And yes, this offer works on ALL PHONES listed on the website!  So, if you’ve been eying the new iPhone 5c from Boost (4G, 3G, 16gb memory, A6 chip, and 8 mp camera) then now might be a good time to purchase the phone and get one month unlimited talk time free.

–> Get one month of free service from Boost Mobile here!  Even if this deal is not for you, you may be interested in the other deals for discounted phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 (save $50).

When paired with an already discounted phone, this free Boost offer really starts to add up to significant savings.  For instance, Samsung Galaxy SII is right now available for $126 (a savings of $50), so if you bought that phone and got your free month of service, you’d be saving $110.  Not a bad way to start with your brand new cell phone — and they’re all brand new phones with this deal.

If this isn’t the right deal for you, then you should know that all of the current used Boost Mobile prepaid phones are marked down by 30% — see all the marked down cell phones and the other deals right here.

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Samsung Galaxy SIII on Straight Talk Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S3 now lowered to $179.99 for a brand new handset. Get on this deal while it lasts. It’s a several years old phone, but it’s still a really good one. It has an amazing touchscreen, a great camera, and is very user friendly and great with an unlimited plan.

straight-talk-samsung-s4New Deals Update — There are a few free cell phones available right now at the official website for Straight Talk Wireless. All you need to do is purchase one month of talk time, which you will need anyways to use the phone, and you get a free phone.

Shop for a great deal on a new or used Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone. See options below or go right to and start shopping and saving.

Watch a video review of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is now available with Straight Talk Wireless, one of the preeminent prepaid phone plans out now. The unlimited plan is really really good and really really affordable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at a great price at the official website for the company.  See all the details online.  You might also be interested in the free phone selections you can find at the official site as well.  The way this deal works is you purchase one month of talk time and you get a free phone from the several that are available.  It’s a good way to go if you don’t require too much out of your phone and want to save money.

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Straight Talk iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Pricing

straight-talk-iphone-6-prepaidStraight Talk Wireless, it was recently announced, now has the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for sale on their official website.  The iPhone 6 (16 GB) is available for $649 and the iPhone 6 Plus is available for $749.  Both models will be available in gray, black, and gold and both must be used with the Straight Talk Unlimited prepaid plan ($45/month) which comes with unlimited talk and text, unlimited data (with 3 gb of high speed data), and unlimited 411.

Other Straight Talk Deals:  OK so maybe you don’t want to drop the cash on a new iPhone 6 Plus, and who could blame you, these phones are quite expensive.  So you may be more attracted to the free flip phones currently on offer from this company.

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Free Straight Talk Samsung T528G Touchscreen

straighttalk samsung galaxy proclaimGet the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (brand new) for free with purchase of a one month talk time plan from  If you aren’t into this phone, there are several other phones available right now.

It doesn’t look like there are any free phones on offer this week at least in the zip codes I’m searching in, which is sort of a surprise.  It seems like a week has not gone by in the past couple of years when at least one phone wasn’t free at the official Straight Talk page.  BUT, there are some good deals.  One of them is the deal for the LG Optimus Dynamic (reconditioned) for $39.99.

Dynamic is an android phone that is a cool entry level device that will give you access to internet, texting, and of course, calling.  I like this phone at this deal.  Check out all the details at

Or just get on over to the official site and check out all of the free phone options from this prepaid provider.  You may be surprised and find the perfect phone for your unlimited plan at the price of free!

Get a free Straight Talk Samsung t528g touchscreen phone with the purchase of one month of talk time. This is a pretty good deal since it’s free. I am not the biggest fan of this phone because there are so many other phones to choose from at pretty decent prices — even the iPhone 5, which you can get for $500 used right now. Sure, that’s a little bit more than you might want to spend on your prepaid phone, but it’s still a cool option. See how you can get a free Samsung t528g online at


The iPhone 5 reconditioned version from Straight Talk comes with a savings of $150 and the $45 unlimited prepaid plan. See all details at the official site and get your new iPhone 5 or 4S or instead go the super cheap route and get a free phone.  See all details by clicking here.

Free phones are still available from Straight Talk Wireless — the deal still goes on!  See all the details at the official site — click the link above!!!  You have to love all of these amazing deals that are coming to fruition.  And it’s not only for Straight Talk Wireless — you can also find deals on Net10 and Tracfone, as well as Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.  See one of the current Boost Mobile phone offers here (for a free month of talk time — take advantage of this deal while it lasts).

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