iPhone 4S for Straight Talk Wireless Walkthrough

1476636_10151840627802569_60525603_nStraight Talk Wireless has just unveiled the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s onto its unlimited prepaid plan.  These phones work with the unlimited Straight Talk plan, which you can learn more about at the official site.  There are also some really good deals over there — two of which are for free cell phones.  See all of the new phones over at StraightTalk.com.

See all of the newest iPhone deals over at Straight Talk Wireless. iPhone 4 is currently available for $200 and iPhone 5 is going for $400. You can save $100 and $150 respectably. It’s a good time to get some savings on a reconditioned iPhone with an unlimited Straight Talk prepaid plan. Get these deals at StraightTalk.com.

Straight Talk Wireless now has several versions of the iPhone available, including the iPhone and the iPhone 4S. You can buy the phones either brand new or used and of course you save some money with the used versions. See all of the available Straight Talk iPhone deals over at StraightTalk.com.

One of the deals is for the iPhone 5. With the purchase of this phone brand new, you get one month of unlimited talk time which is a $45 value. Another deal is a savings of $150 off the iPhone 5 if you buy it used. Get the deals at the official site here.

Apple IOS 7 features and specs in this video…

Straight Talk Phone Deals –> One of the better deals right now from Straight Talk Wireless is the $200 iPhone 4S used phone.  This is a good starter phone for someone looking to jump on the prepaid bandwagon with a really good phone.  Sure it’s used, but it’s still a good phone that you don’t need to sign a contract for.  See all the good details at the official site and get your phone today.  Another phone right now available from this company is the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.  Take a look.  All you gotta do is click here: StraightTalk.com.


There are also some much cheaper offers going on at Straight Talk Wireless. There are several free cell phones you can get on the website when you purchase one month of talk time. See all of the details on how to take advantage of this deal at the official site.

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Solavei vs Straight Talk: Top 10 Prepaid Phone Plans

This guy knows what he’s talking about in this overview of the top ten prepaid phone carriers. He reviews Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, H2O, Cricket, Simple Mobile, Metro, Solavei, Boost, Virgin, and Page Plus. He also compares Straight Talk directly to Solavei. This is a good general overview of many of the prepaid carriers out there and what kind of users will get the most out of each of these phone plans. Enjoy.

Get the latest news on prepaid phones including Solavei and Straight Talk Wireless by checking in here every day — we update at least four times a week, so stay tuned and take advantage of us as a resource.

iPhone 5C vs iPhone

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Straight Talk iPhone 5 Deal

Are you looking for a new cell phone?  iPhone 5c and 5s have just been released onto Straight Talk’s unlimited prepaid plan — see all the details on these new, very colorful phones over at StraightTalk.com.

Also, the iPhone 5 is available right now for $400 reconditioned ($550 brand new) here.

iphone5-front-backJust announced –> iPhone 5c and 5s coming to Straight Talk Wireless’ unlimited plan. The iPhone lineup from this company is pretty darn intriguing and all-encompassing. You will soon be able to get the pink iPhone 5c on this prepaid plan. Exciting! Click the link above in order to see all of the current iPhone 5 deals available right now.

Get a free one month of talk time with the purchase of the iPhone 5 32 GB version of this phone, which is a savings of $45.  The plan that you get is the unlimited plan from Straight Talk which runs on some Verizon towers and gives you unlimited talk, texting, and web browsing.  See all details on this brand new prepaid phone and unlimited plan at StraightTalk.com.

There are also some free phones currently available from Straight Talk with the purchase of one month of talk time.  Obviously it’s not a free iphone 5 from Straight Talks–the phones available are quite low level.  But nonetheless they are free.  See all the new android deals too at the official site.  They may be slightly different depending on where you live and what offers are still around, but you will generally find good things going on over at the website that will help you save money on your next prepaid phone from STW.

If you’re looking for prepaid phone deals, you’ve come to the right website.  We deliver one new prepaid phone deal every single day of the week.  If you want the latest news and deals in this industry and want to save money, come back daily for the latest and greatest.  There’s a pretty good phone deal on the official website for this company and you can see all of the free phones that are available at the moment right now.

Take a look at another Straight Talk phone currently available at the rate of $599 (a bit expensive, but a super sick phone) —>

Yet another phone you may be intrigued by is the iPhone 5c, which was just released by Straight Talk on its unlimited prepaid phone plan. It’s a very colorful phone that you can get in multiple colors. See a video below –>

iPhone 5c, 5s, 5, and 4s are all available at very good prices at the official Straight Talk website.  If you’re looking for one of these iconic phones and yet you don’t want a contract in order to use it, then STW may be worth you taking a look at–especially since it only costs $45 per month to use the unlimited service.  Take a look at all of the great phones today.

Compare iPhone 5s to iPhone 5c and see which phone you like better.  Both are available with various prepaid companies online.  Straight Talk has a good deal on both of them, so take a closer look in the video below.

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Blu Life One X Phone Review

Blu Life One X cell phone features and details:

  • follows the same design principles of an HTC Once slash Samsung Galaxy
  • lower end phone
  • great texture on the phone, and nice looking design
  • fits very well in the palm of the hand
  • back of the phone is textured aluminum
  • 5 inch display 1080p HD, very high pixels per inch count (over 440)
  • the viewing angles on screen are more consistent and colors are less saturated
  • 1.5 ghz quadcore mediatech processor
  • this phone is NOT for gamers — the processor just won’t handle heavier load games
  • 16 or 32 gb of internal storage and 2 gigs of ram
  • no microsd card slot, so go with the 32 gb on this phone
  • this is not a high end phone — not a ton of power to this phone
  • very fast camera application, which is surprising
  • dual sim device, which is not something you see too often
  • the phone has wifi
  • power button, volume up and down buttons
  • loud speakers!  Good enough to listen to while you’re in the shower
  • 13 megapixel flash camera
  • 5 mp front facing camera (go get your selfies!)
  • smartgesture — gestures that help you operate your phone.
  • ice cream browser
  • ginger bread music app — download a new one from Google Play!

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HTC One M8 Phone Features in Detail: Daily Phone Riff

HTC One M8 Phone Features:

    • feels more premium than Galaxy S5
    • high end design with a microsd card slot added to the body
    • interface has slightly changed with sense 6 (htc’s proprietary system)
    • messaging and blinkfeed have minor changes or smoothing out
    • great android experience with elegant sense system
    • when screen is off you can double tap to turn on and again to turn off
    • a step forward with gesture control features that feel natural
    • boom sound speakers are more powerful than before
    • two cameras on its back — main camera and the second one to add depth of field to the image.  This improves on the information the phone can pull in, so even though it’s merely a 4 megapixel camera, you get a higher quality image.  This makes it easy to manipulate your photos if you’re a media head.
    • 40 percent more battery — great battery with longevity that will last up to two days.  HTC has paid attention to something people really want here.
    • it may not beat the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it will be a big time contender.
    • M8 is an overall premium design and feel which also has improvements in many different areas, which is very impressive.
    • Runs latest version of Android 4.4 kitkat, making this phone very fast.

More on this phone around the web:

HTC One M8

Galaxy S5 Camera vs HTC One M8 Camera


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