Straight Talk Wireless Free Shipping Deal and Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sale

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straight-talk-samsung-s4 Straight Talk Wireless has a free overnight shipping deal available on many of its phones right now.  You can see all of the details on the official website.  Also, the Samsung Galaxy S4–one of the more popular phones in the last couple of years, and yes, one that is a couple years old, has been marked down for sale to $199.  This is a very good price on a great phone.

Sure, the S4 is a couple of years old, but when you get it brand new and unused and have Straight Talk’s unlimited plan to use with it, you won’t even notice.  I like this phone and this price point.  See details at

Also, if you’re looking for a less expensive lower end but still very good option, take a look at the deal for the Moto e for only $59, which is a savings of $40 over what this phone cost about a year ago.  See details here and read more about this phone here.  Also, when you’re at the site, be sure to take a look at all of the free phones that are currently available on the special free phone deal with plan purchase.  Save even more money by going this route!

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Straight Talk ZTE Rapido Now Only $99

ZTE-Z932L-Rapido-LTE1-straighttalkZTE Rapido is a fast little phone that was recently added to the Straight Talk Wireless lineup of phones.  It’s only $99 now, which means that it’s an even better deal than it was when it originally came out on this prepaid no contract service.

ZTE Rapido runs on Android 4.1, has a 4.5 inch touchscreen, 4 g wifi, 8 megapixel camera plus front facing selfie camera, bluetooth 4.0, and 1.2 ghz microprocessor.  It’s a great phone for only $99.  Check it out in more detail at

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Straight Talk LG Lucky A Steal at $29

Also, get free shipping from Straight Talk Wireless for a limited time only! Save money!

lg-lucky-straight-talkStraight Talk Wireless is known for a few things — a great prepaid plan for only $45 per month and very affordable cell phones on which to use this great prepaid plan.  One such affordable phone is LG Lucky, a phone that only costs $29.

The LG Lucky is one of the most affordable ways to get into this very affordable prepaid phone plan. It comes with android 4.4, a 3.8 inch touchscree, 3g wifi, a 3 mp camera, and bluetooth 4.0.  All at a price tag just under $30 — pretty incredible!

Get this phone deal at!

More Straight Talk phones we’ve written about here at ZTE Solar, Samsung Galaxy Centura, and LG Optimus Logic.  Read about these phones or just skip that nonsense and get on over to the official website and see exactly what offers Straight Talk has for you.

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New Straight Talk Phone ZTE Paragon Released

zte-paragon-androidThe ZTE Paragon is a super affordable smartphone option from Straight Talk Wireless, the company with the $45 unlimited prepaid plan that is also available at Walmart.

At $69.99, Paragon is the paragon of deals, boasting android 4.4 kitkat, a 4 inch touchscreen, 3g wifi, and a 5 mp camera.  Get one of the cheapest android prepaid phones available at

Also, see this great deal for a free Straight Talk phone.  Yes, the amazing free phone deal from this brand is still going strong.  Get on it now!

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Straight Talk LG Destiny Android 5.0 Smartphone – $79

lg-destiny-straight-talkStraight Talk has added a new phone to its list of available smartphones with its unlimited prepaid phone plan.  The LG Destiny costs only $79 brand new and comes complete with Android 5.0, a 4.5 inch touchscreen, 4G/wifi, 5 mp camera, 8gb internal memory, and famous Straight Talk unlimited plan.

Get this phone at

Also, read my articles about other new Straight Talk phones ZTE Solar, Huawei Pronto, and LG Ultimate 2.  Or just head on over to the website to see all available phones — and deals — for yourself.


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