Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 for $299 — Save $150

Get a free prepaid phone today from

straight-talk-samsung-galaxy-s4Straight Talk Wireless has a really good deal available right now on the Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone (yeah, the flagship Samsung phone) that runs on the Unlimited prepaid plan.

Right now you can get a reconditioned model of this phone for $299, a savings of $150 over a brand new one.

It’s a solid phone — check the specs:

  • 4G LTE
  • 5″ Full HD Amoled Screen
  • Android 4.2
  • 1.9 GHz Quadcore processor
  • 13 MP Camera and Video Recorder (incredible!!!)
  • Air View and Air Gestures

Get this phone while the deal lasts at

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Get a Free Net10 LG Optimus Dynamic (Verizon Phone) with Plan Purchase

ST_LGOptimusDynamicOne of the better deals I see this week is for a free Net10 LG Optimus Dynamic android phone (a Verizon powered android).  You get the phone free with the purchase of an unlimited plan.  Net10 has some great options in this regard.

Take a look at all of the Net10 unlimited plans and have a closer look at LG Optimus Dynamic androdi (a good lower end phone) at

And again, right now this phone is being offered entirely for free.

LG Optimus Specs:


  • Reconditioned
  • Android™ 2.3
  • 3.2″ Touch Screen
  • 3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity
  • 3 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • 4GB microSD™ Card Included
  • Mobile Web
  • MP3 Player (cable not included)
  • GSP Capabilities
  • Choose from over 675,000 Apps and more on Google Play™
  • Gravity Sensor

See all current free phones and other great deals available now at


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What is 4G, What is LTE — Learn Here!

You may be used to hearing the terms 4G and LTE thrown around, but what do these terms really mean? Learn what they mean in this video from the always entertaining Marques Brownlee. And see why they matter as you select your next cell phone.

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ZTE Grand X Max Plus Review

A review of the brand spanking new ZTE Grand X Max Plus. Kind of a long-winded name. Let’s see if this latest handset from ZTE lives up to its long name.

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Straight Talk ZTE Unico Phone On Sale

alcatel-one-touch-mega-lte-straighttalkZTE Unico is currently on sale at Straight Talk at a rate of $89.99 off a normal retail price of $179.99, which is a savings about $89, a nice chunk of change.  So should you buy this phone for the unlimited Straight Talk plan? One thing to know is that the phone is reconditioned at this price, which is certainly not a deal breaker.

Get the ZTE Unico at half price here.

See this phone, the current free phone offers, and the deal for the iPhone currently running over at  There are some great deals to be had — and with one of the top unlimited prepaid plans in the business, it’s worth taking a look at the details as you consider your next cell phone.  Thanks for reading.  Watch the video below to learn a bit more about ZTE Unico.  Or just head on over to the site by clicking the link above.


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