Get Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 for $299

Get a free prepaid phone today from

samsung-galaxy-s4-straighttalkGreat deal on a new phone — not a reconditioned one — from Straight Talk Wireless, one of the best known prepaid providers out there.  The phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 and you can own it brand new for $299.

This phone, which has been around for a couple of years now, is a top seller and has some amazing features.  It’s really a great phone and runs very well with the unlimited prepaid plan from Straight Talk Wireless.  Get this phone at

While you are at the official site, have a look at the free phones available with one month of talk time.  Some great deals out there and some really good phones.  In some areas, you can still purchase Samsung Galaxy S3 for Straight Talk, which can often be a very affordable way to go with this prepaid company.  Definitely take a look at what they have to get started on your prepaid money saving journey.  Thanks for reading.  If you like what we do, please share this post–you might even save your friends and family some money as well.

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Get Net10 Wireless ZTE Savvy for Only $39.99

zte-savvy-net10The Net10 Wireless ZTE Savvy is available from the official Net10 Wireless website for only $39.99 — a significant savings off the normal price of $129. In fact, you’re saving $90, which is darn awesome! Also, this phone runs on an unlimited plan, which is even more awesome. And you save a bunch on your monthly cell phone bill. Get this deal for a limited time only at

ZTE Savvy Specs:

Android 4.1, 4 inch IPS touch screen, 5 mp camera/video recorder, a 1 GHz processor, a 4 GB microsd card included.

Overall, it’s a good android device and is available at a really good price.  Thanks for reading — if you like our articles please consider sharing our site with your friends.

Another great phone from Net10 is the Samsung Galaxy S5, which runs on the unlimited plan from this provider.  Some of the available phones also come with free shipping.  See all details on deals and phones available for a limited time at

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Get Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Ace Style At Great Price — $49 Brand New

straighttalk_logo_490The Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is available right now on the official Straight Talk Website for only $49.99 brand new — brand new it usually costs $129 so it’s a significant savings. It’s a solid little device that runs on the unlimited prepaid phone plan which only costs $45 per month.  See all the details on this deal over at

There’s another newly released phone available at the official website — it’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s available at a competitive price right now.  Get on over to the site and see if you want to get this phone and bring it home with you.  It’s one of the top phones in prepaid.  Get your Samsung Galaxy S5 here.

Here’s a review of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Here’s another.

And here’s another, this time a video review.  Also available from Straight Talk are several Verizon android phones.  You can see them all at the official website, where you will also see deals, discounts, and new releases.

If you’re new to prepaid cell phones, you might want to read this page before you continue on at this site.  You may want to read this article about affordable phones.  Or just continue reading this article.  Thanks for visiting!

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Get The Straight Talk Wireless Huawei W1 Windows Phone for $49

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 1.20.08 PMStraight Talk Wireless has a very nice Windows phone on a great sale this week.  It’s the Huawei W1 Windows phone and you can own it for only $49.99.  This phone runs on the $45 unlimited plan, so if you are looking for a solid prepaid phone, this might be a good option to consider.  Take a look at this phone at

*Also, take a look at the list of free phone with one month of talk time purchase at the official website.  There are some good ones and they vary from region to region which makes things sort of fun.  Head on over at the link above.

See all of the current free phones available at the official site with purchase of a one month talk time plan at  There are many different deals that there is sure to be one that fits you perfectly!

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Get Straight Talk Samsung R375 Free This Week Only

straighttalk_logo_490Straight Talk has a new deal out for a free reconditioned Samsung R375 phone — an older phone, but a good one — that you can get absolutely with no charge with the purchase of a one month talk time plan.

Since it’s not an android or smartphone device, you can use this phone on the $30 per month plan if you choose, but can also upgrade to the $45 per month plan.  Get this phone at

The free phone may differ depending on which region you are in, but there is definitely at least one on offer.  Click here to see all phones in your area.

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