GIV Mobile New Phone Deals — HTC One S is a Winner

Giv-mobile-phonesDeal #1 — Alcatel One Touch 991S Android  with two months service on the $45 plan Price — $119.99 (this is usually $79.99 without the service, so you’re really only saving $5)

Deal #2 — Coolpad Flow Android Phone with two months of service on $35 plan Price — $149.99 (usually $129.99 without service, so you’re saving $15)

Deal #3 (the best one) — HTC One S Android phone with two months service on $35 plan

Price — $199.99 (usually $219.99 without service, so you’re saving $55 on this deal)

Get one of these deals (go for the HTC One S) at

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Buy MetroPCS Prepaid Unlimited Plans Online


If you’re looking for a new prepaid wireless plan, you can have a look at some of the most affordable plans at

It’s not just that the phone plans are affordable, it’s also that they include Unlimited service plans starting at $40.

If you’re looking for prepaid plans, you have probably come across a few unlimited plans.  There’s no reason not to get this kind of plan, since unlimited service is a key way to save money on your phone bill.

Learn more about the MetroPCS Unlimited prepaid plans at

MetroPCS has released two new phones recently.  Read a short review of the high end Samsung Caliber cell phone and the stylish and colorful Mister Cartoon Moto VE440

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Samsung Galaxy Precedent Straight Talk Deal

Free Phones –> There are still some free phones available at the official website — it depends on the region you are in which ones are free.  See which ones are available easily and with no commitment at

Straight Talk New Deal –> The best deal from Straight Talk right now is for a FREE Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.  It’s an android phone with some very cool features and comes with an unlimited talk time plan — get this phone at 5c and 5s are both available in multiple colors on the unlimited prepaid Straight Talk plan — two very good options.  I really like the colors of these phones.  The plan costs $45 per month for unlimited talk, text, and web — it’s a solid plan and one of the top prepaid ones in the country.  See all details at

Right now the iPhone 5 prepaid phone is available with the unlimited prepaid plan from Straight Talk.  The phone comes with one month free unlimited plan if you’re willing to shell out $750 for the brand new iPhone 5 (32 GB version).  See all details at

samsung-galaxy-s3Get the brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII at the official Straight Talk website today.  This is the best selling Android phone of last year and is one of the best phones available on a prepaid plan in the United States.  Straight Talk also has the iPhone 5 phone available for sale.  Samsung GS3 is a really amazing phone — not that you should just up and buy it because I say so, but definitely take a look at it if you’re in the market for a high end hot phone for your prepaid plan.  Get your Straight Talk Android or iPhone at the official site.

One of the best current deals is for the Samsung Galaxy Centura, an android that runs Android 4.0, which makes it well worth its $99 price tag. Add in the fact that is comes with a $15 gift card and you’re golden with this phone. Get it at

samsung galaxy precedent straight talk used phoneStraight Talk has slashed prices once again, which is always fun for us customers.  The latest slash and burn is for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent android phone.  You can now get this nice piece of hardware for $79.99 and a $20 gift card thrown in just for good measure.  See this deal at

There is also a new phone that popped up overnight on ST’s website.  It’s the Samsung Galaxy Centura:

  • Android™ 4.0
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen
  • 3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity
  • 3 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • Multitasking/Instant Messaging

At only $99, this phone is a pretty darn good deal.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 12.37.31 PM

Samsung Galaxy S3 is out and available on the Straight Talk Wireless plans now. Snatch it up while it’s available or go for this amazing Precedent deal. It’s a bit older of a phone but it will get the job done and save you some cash flow in the process.  Great deals right now are available.

Right now, you can get $20 gift cards with pretty much any purchase of a phone from Straight Talk’s website.  The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are included in this deal as well.  Take a look at the official site.

Also, keep in mind that there are still the famous free Straight Talk phone offers going on right now.  Also, take a look at the free net10 phones and the steals of deals from Tracfone–two other prepaid companies that are actually all a part of the same company.

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Straight Talk Prepaid Phone Option: Motorola RAZR

Straight Talk recently unveiled its newest Android phone, LG Optimus Black.  Instead of releasing the LG Optimus 2X, this phone has been released.  It actually has a nicer, more brilliant screen than that 2X, but has a less powerful camera.  It does still have a 5 megapixel camera, which is very nice.  It also has one of the best displays available in the prepaid world and by far the best display touch screen available from Straight Talk.  Get the best Straight Talk phone at the official site by clicking here.

If you’re looking for affordable prepaid phone service, Straight Talk Wireless might just fit the bill.  With two affordable plans to choose from and a pretty good selection of phones, you should be able to find a phone and plan that work perfect for your needs.

The Motorola RAZR is an older phone, but it’s still a solid, durable, easy to use cell phone that makes calling and texting fun.  Straight Talk has a $30 per month prepaid plan that will give you 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 text messages to use.

straight talk android precedentThat’s a lot of talk time and texting (not to mention web browsing) for one low price.  There are some other very nice phones available online at Straight Talk’s website.  If you don’t like the RAZR option or the LG Optimus Black I wrote about above, there are some others you might like.  The LG Optimus Q and Samsung Precedent are both available and come with free overnight shipping.  Both phones are Android phones, which brings Straight Talk’s total up to three Androids.  Samsung Precedent now costs only $129 and comes with the unlimited plan (unlim talk, text, web, 411, email).  This was the first ST Android, so there is a bit of sentimentality attached to this phone, but with so many new ones coming about, there’s not too much as it isn’t my favorite phone from this prepaid company.

Get a RAZR and a Straight Talk plan today!

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Net10 Motorola Defy XT Review

New Phone Release Update — Net10 now not only has high quality phones like Motorola Defy, the prepaid company for people who like to save money now has the iPhone 5c and Samsung Galaxy S4.  Get one of these phones at a great price and on a seriously epic plan today at

We all know that hazards of daily life exist which can cause your smartphone to experience trouble or to stop working altogether. Dust, water, scratches, and other annoyances wreak havoc on mobile phones, resulting in the need to replace it sooner than most discerning consumers would like to. The new Net10 Motorola Defy XT, a prepaid no contract smartphone, lays your worries to rest, bringing durability and peace of mind to your prepaid wireless lifestyle.

net10 motorola defy xtMotorola Defy XT is available on with the Unlimited Net10 plan.

This feature-rich prepaid cell phone offers unsurpassed durability, intelligence, and an affordable no-contract plan fit for the frugal consumer. The Motorola Defy XT is both dustproof and water resistant, and it features a scratch and scuff resistant display, so your phone is sure to last longer and to avoid those annoying hassles that adversely affect its functionality. Of course, the awesome features don’t end there. The reputable manufacturers of Corning Gorilla Glass bring the sturdy 3.7” display screen to you. It contains a front VGA web camera and a 5MP camera with auto-focus, digital zoom, and LED flash. The activity dashboards are fully customizable, allowing you to add that unique touch that makes your phone truly your own. This prepaid cell phone wonder also offers a compass, pedometer, music player, and fingertip access to weather information.

Check for availability of this phone in your area

Most smartphone users are interested in more than mere functionality. They want to know what their smartphone can really do. That being said, the Net10 Motorola Defy XT runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It contains a 1GHz processor with 512MB of RAM. It is Wi-Fi capable with DLNA support. This prepaid cell phone offers 1GB of onboard memory and includes a 2GB microSD card for external memory. It is capable of supporting up to a 32GB microSD card. With this phone, you have access to many apps (including preloaded apps) and Social Graph widgets too. These are just the basics. Wait until you see what else this phone has to offer!  See full Motorola Defy XT specs at the official website.

The Net10 Motorola Defy XT is entry-level priced. Through Net10, you can get this phone on the affordable Unlimited Nationwide prepaid plan for just $50 per month, giving you a month of unlimited talk, text, data, and 411.

motorola defy xt net10There is another new Net10 Android phone known as the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 (big screen, great camera, fast processor).  See if this phone is available in your area at  Another piece of news is that the Motorola Defy X2 has just been released to Straight Talk’s prepaid phone lineup.  It will run on the Unlimited no contract plan, which costs $45 per month.  The phone itself costs. $199.99.  Read more about this development.

See all of the current Android smartphones available with the Unlimited prepaid plan at  The plan costs only $50 for unlimited service.  LG Optimus Black, Motorola Defy XT, and LG Optimus Q are three of the current Android phones.  See all of the current phones and deals online at  There are currently three phones on sale for under $10 and some free phones too with purchase of various Net 10 phone cards.

iPhone 5 is now available with Net10′s unlimited plans. It’s a really nice phone. Learn more about the specs and features of this phone in the video comparison below. Thanks for watching and reading.

This is a bit of an older review of a Net10 phone, but the phone is still available at the official website — take a look and see if the deal is good for you.  There are other options for you too, so don’t be too quick on the draw.  Enjoy the phone search friend!

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