Straight Talk New Phone ZTE Whirl Under $20

zte-whirl-straight-talk-wirelessZTE Whirl is a new Straight Talk Wireless release that is truly affordable at its current price of $19.99.

If you’re looking for a seriously good deal on a phone, have a look at ZTE Whirl, which is an Android device that run on the unlimited no contract plan from Straight Talk.

See all detail at

ZTE Whirl Specs:

This version is reconditioned for $19.99 total

Android 4.1

3.5 inch touchscreen phone

3G Wifi Functionality

3 Megapixel Camera


1 GHz processor

4GB MicroSD Card

This is just one of many androids available from this website. See all of the new phones, the latest deals, and the iPhone 6 Plus over at the online store. See the deals at

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Net10 Cyber Monday Phone Deals

Get the Samsung Galaxy Centura free with plan purchase at the official website — see all the details net10-cyber-monday-2014here.

Net10 Wireless is no slouch during the holidays, so they have their own super solid Cyber Monday deals running today only.  Get over to so take advantage of them.  Thanks for reading, and be quick because supplies will run out fast.

Free reconditioned Motorola W408G or Samsung S275G with purchase of a $25 or $35 talk time card.  Older flip phones, but at the price of free they make sense.

Free Reconditioned LG Optimus Dynamic or Samsung Galaxy Centura (both Verizon phones) with purchase of $40 airtime card.  Great deal on lower end Androids.

Reconditioned Huawei W1 Windows Phone $29.99.  Save $150 over a brand new version of this phone, which is a great savings.  Phone is reconditioned and as good as new.  And keep in mind it’s a Windows phone so you will have that tile interface, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different than other Androids.  See the deals at

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Straight Talk Cyber Monday 2014 Phone Deals — Free Shipping, Free Phones

Straight Talk Wireless, true to form, has a bunch of very cool Cyber Monday phone deals. Take a look at the list below and if one of these offers catches your eye, see more details at the official website. These deals will only last for today, so if you see one you like, snatch it up while supplies last at

straighttalk_logo_490Free Reconditioned LG 900G with purchase of a $30 or $45 talk time card — great deal on an older but still solid phone for anyone who needs an extra phone or a phone for a youngster or just for travel.

Free Reconditioned Samsung R375C QWERTY with purchase of a $30 or $45 talk time card

Free Reconditioned Samsung T528G touchscreen with purchase of a $45 unlimited airtime card

Free Reconditioned ZTE Midnight Android with purchase of a $45 talk time card

ZTE Savvy Android — $49.99 (save $80)

Free Shipping on any phone order over $29.99

Get any one of these deals at

Make sure to take a look at the official site as some of these Cyber Monday deals are still running throughout Cyber Week.  There are some great deals to be had.  You just need to know where to look and now you know:)

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New Straight Talk Phone — Alcatel onetouch Pop Star LTE

Get a brand new Straight Talk Android phone at a great price with the recent deals released at the official website. There are also a few Cyber Week deals still running that you’re going to want to take a look at.

straight-alcatel-onetouch-popstar-lteStraight Talk has a new phone out–the Alcatel onetouch Pop Star LTE android phone for $149.00 from the official website.  Check for availability here.  The Pop Star LTE is another midlevel to lower level android device for the Straight Talk unlimited service plan as you could probably tell from the price.  I like this phone.

See details at

– Alcatel onetouch Pop Star LTE Specs –

Android 4.3

4 inch screen

4G LTE / WiFi Connectivity

5 MP Camera

1.2 Ghz Quadcore Processor

Bluetooth 4.0

$45 per month unlimited Straight Talk plan

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Get 4 MetroPCS Lines for $100 (Short Term Promotion)

Take a quick peek over at MetroPCS and see all of the current and brand new Cyber Week deals running right now.  In addition to the 4 lines for $100, there are some stellar savings on new android phones.  Get on over to the site and see all of the holiday goodness.

metropcs-4-lines-$100MetroPCS has brought back its 4 Lines for $100 deal promotion and it’s just in time for Black Friday and Holiday season.  Must be a coincidence right?  Of course it’s not a coincidence, it’s a calculated move.  And we all win!  I love good deals.  The deal work like this.  All lines run on the $40 a month unlimited plan from MetroPcs.  If you only need two lines, it will cost you $70 a month.  For three lines, it’s $90 per month.  And for 4 lines, it’s only $10 more per month for the fourth one.  You can see how this is cost effective.

So here are some more numbers.  Now you get double the high speed internet you got with the last iteration of this promotion.   Each phone line comes with unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of high speed data, which turns into 128 kbps after 1 GB is used up.

You will also need to purchase the phones and there may be a per phone activation fee when you make a purchase in store.  As of now this promotion is only available in stores and not online.  I’ll update this if it changes.  Also, make sure to come back to this page and see all of the updated MetroPCS Black Friday deals–I’ll keep a master list at the bottom of this post.

MetroPCS Holiday Offers:

Free 2-day shipping — running now and probably through the holidays.

$50 Mail-In Rebate — running right now on a lot of phones, 90% of which are available online.

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