Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic II on Sale at Home Shopping Network

There is a very solid deal for the TracFone LG Optimus Dynamic II Android phone right now available at Home Shopping Network or The best Android that Tracfone has on its roster right now comes with 1200 minutes, 1200 text messages and 1200 megabytes of data. It also comes with one year of service and a case and car charger all for a total price of $99.99.


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Straight Talk Wireless $20 WalMart Gift Card Deal

moto-x-review-marques-brownleeStraight Talk and Walmart have a deal running right now where you can get a free $20 gift card with the purchase of certain prepaid phones online.

At the moment, these phones are ZTE Valet, a very nice android phones that costs $99, the Samsung Galaxy Discover Android phones, and the ZTE Unico LTE Android. If you purchase any of these phones, you get the free $20 Walmart gift card. Get one of these deals today at

$20 Walmart Gift Card with purchase of $99.99 ZTE Valet (Verizon) Android phone

$20 Walmart Gift Card with purchase of $99.99 Samsung Galaxy Discover (AT&T) Android phone

$20 Walmart Gift Card with purchase of $199.99 ZTE Unico (AT&T) LTE Android phone

Get one of these phone deals at

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Free Samsung t528g from Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk Wireless has a free phone deal running right now for the Samsung Galaxy t528g touchscreen. Watch this video to see if you like this phone and want it. This is a very solid deal that will cost you $45 since that is what one month of talk will set you back for the Straight Talk unlimited plan. Not bad for $45 truly–or you can opt for the $30 plan which is a very good on too. Get on over to the site to learn more about this phone deal and also check out another current deal for a free LG 900g, which is an inferior phone in my opinion, but hey, it might be more to your liking and that’s all that matters.

See all details at

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 1.20.08 PM

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Straight Talk Free Phones Available Now with Month Talk Time Purchase

prepaidcellphone1.jpgStraight Talk has several free phones available with purchase of the one month $30 plan for 1,000 minutes, the same amount of text messages, and 2 gb of data. All deals are available at the official site —

Current Free Phones are –

Free reconditioned LG 900G or Samsung R375C QWERTY candy bar with purchase of $30 or $45 refill

Free reconditioned Samsung T528G touchscreen with purchase of $45 unlimited refill

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Republic Wireless $25 Prepaid Cellular Wifi Plan In Detail

Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 10.24.02 AMRepublic Wireless is one of the more interesting prepaid phone providers around today.  With jaw dropping low prices on its unlimited plans — the most popular and probably the best plan costs only $25 per month for unlimited talk and text over wifi and 3g cellular connections and unlimited data over wifi and 3g.

It’s a great plan where the value of what you get for $25 is very very clear.  As you can see, the thing that really separates Republic Wireless from some other more traditional prepaid providers is that they utlilize wifi networks that are freely available in many locations.  So this plan will really work well for you if you use your cell phone a lot in the office or coffee shop.  It may not be as good for you if you aren’t so stationary — but still, with the $25 and $40 plans, you get unlimited cellular voice and text usage as well.

Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 10.27.16 AMThe $40 plan is the 4G plan, which means it grants you unlimited data over wifi and 4G and unlimited talk and text over wifi and cellular networks.  It’s the most expensive plan and as such it’s the most comprehensive.

The most exciting plan is perhaps the $5 per month plan, which gives you unlimited talk, text, and data over wifi networks for only $5.  The limitations to this plan are very clear, but you can also see how you could save a ton of money if you aren’t the type of person who lives on their phone and just needs to make the occasional call, the occasional text, and doesn’t have a huge need for internet on the go.

It is totally doable to use this plan, but you just have to accept that there are many instances where you may not be able to use your phone.   See all the plans at

One of the phones available from Republic Wireless is the popular Moto X phone. Watch an in depth review of this phone below and see if it just makes you want to go and own the phone immediately.  If it doesn’t, there’s other places to look.  Read some of our other articles for some such other options:)

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