Free Straight Talk Phones – December 2012 (Updates for January)

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S2 AndroidNew Android Phones:  See the brand new Android phones from Straight Talk that are available right now.  One of the best phones out right now in prepaid is Samsung Galaxy SII — you will see this phone on Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile among others.  But where Straight Talk wins out is on its unlimited prepaid plan.  Get this phone or just learn more at

*Deal of the week.  Well, it’s not actually a deal since there is no official discount, but the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (pictured at right) was lowered in price not too long ago and I really like that phone.  See all details on this phone here.

straighttalk samsung galaxy proclaimThere are several free phones on special offers right now at (Updated for January 2013)

LG 220c and LG 620G are two of the free phones available right now. See all current free LG phones here.

Motorola W418g is one of the free phones available right now. See all current free Motorola phones here.

lgoptimusblackSamsung Galaxy SII is one of the top phones from Straight Talk but unfortunately, it’s not free!  LG Optimus Black is another phone I like alot.  See both of these phones here.

Sure, the free phones are typically pretty low level flip and candybar type phones, but hey, they’re free, so if you’re looking to save a bunch of dough on your next phone, this may be a good way to do so.  There are several very cool androids at the Straight Talk online HQ, so head on over there to take a look.  Samsung Galaxy SII is probably the top dog.  LG Optimus Black is a very close second.  Samsung Galaxy Proclaim has a lot going for it, particularly that fact it runs on Verizon and has a great look.  LG Optimus Zip is number four on my list.  See all these phones at

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