An In-Depth Look at Virgin Mobile Phones, Plans, and Pricing

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Recently, we covered the prepaid plans offered by some of the top prepaid wireless providers in the U.S. Expanding on that information, the staff at Prepaid Cell Phones Guide, doing what we do on a daily basis, has taken a closer look at some of the prepaid wireless carriers in order to offer our readers a more in-depth view of some of these companies – their prepaid plans, pricing, and phones. Here is a more comprehensive look at Virgin Mobile.  virgin_mobile_logo


As mentioned in our last article, Virgin Mobile offers the Beyond Talk Unlimited Data and Messaging Plans. The focus is on data and text messages, but you get a good number of talk minutes, even unlimited, depending on which plan you choose. These plans run $35, $45, and $55 a month (for unlimited everything). Beyond Talk is available in 3G and 4G speeds and for just $15 more per month, you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot.

If Beyond Talk does not suit you, Virgin Mobile also offers the payLo Talk & Text Plans. You can get an adequate number of talk minutes, affordable texts, and even unlimited everything. The $20 plan gives you 400 voice minutes and 15-cent texts. The $30 plan is 1500 talk minutes and 1500 text minutes. The $40 plan is unlimited.

Virgin Mobile, powered by Sprint, also offers Broadband2o starting at just $35 per month.

Phones  htc-evo-v-4g-virginmobile

Virgin mobile offers a nice selection of pones, including 3G and 4G smartphones. They carry a number of great name brands and models, such as Samsung, Motorola, Kyocera, and more. The great thing about Virgin Mobile is that many of their phones are fairly exclusive as far as phones branded for prepaid networks go. Their Kyocera, Venture, and HTC models are great phones offered at affordable prices, and aside from contract wireless carriers, you won’t find these particular phones being widely offered. In addition, Virgin Mobile offers both Android phones and iPhones, giving you more preference control. virgin-mobile-wildcard


Virgin Mobile offers free standard shipping, no contracts on every plan, a 30-day guarantee, and free activation. Plus, you can import your existing number (some conditions apply) and should your phone get lost, stolen, or have some defects, they offer cheap phone replacement as well.

If you’re looking to go prepaid or want to try something new, Virgin Mobile is an excellent quality, affordable option.

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