New Straight Talk Phone: LG Optimus Quest

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Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 2.16.10 PMStraight Talk has released its monthly new Android phone — I’m only kidding, the company doesn’t release a new phone every month, but it seems like they have a pretty good revolving door of new Androids keeping things fresh.  The new phone is LG Optimus Quest.  It’s an Android 2.3 phone, so it runs apps.

It comes with a 4GB microsd card as well, so you have some on-board memory to play with.  It has 5 home screens, an 800 mhz processor, and mobile web so you can browse the Internet on the go.  It’s listed at $149 — check for availability in your area at

LG Optimus Quest Specs:

  • Android™ 2.3
  • Gorilla Glass® 3.5″ Touch Screen
  • 3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity
  • 5 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • 4GB microSD™ Card Included
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • Mobile Web
  • MP3 Player (cable not included)
  • Multitasking
  • 5 Home Screens
  • Choose from over 675,000 Apps on Google Play™
  • Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake
  • SMS and MMS Picture Messaging

Should I Buy This Phone?

Well, buying a phone is always a matter of opinion.  But if you like this midlevel android phone and would like to have an unlimited talk, text, and web plan that makes having an android phone worthwhile, I would take a look at Straight Talk’s LG Optimus Quest.  I would also consider another phone right in the same price range, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ($149 also, runs on Verizon’s nationwide plan).  Compare both phones here.


Limited Time Straight Talk Deals:

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These deals depend on where you are in the country, but I think they can be found in most regions of the United States.  Visit the official site at the links above and put in your zip code in order to see all of the current deals available to you.  Another great deal you can find right now is the iPhone 4s used for $200 (8 gb).  It’s a pretty good deal on a high end phone if you don’t mind a bit older model that is used.  Some people don’t mind buying refurbished phones that are usually as good as new.  There is a return policy so you also have that safety net.  See all details on the used phones from Straight Talk at the official site above.

More Straight Talk Phones to Consider

LG Optimus Zip is a very nice phone that costs a few dollars more than LG Optimus Quest, but you see where the money went.  It has a slide out keyboard, so if that’s your thing then Zip might be right up your alley.  It also runs on the Verizon nationwide network like Samsung Proclaim, so if you are in an area that has strong Verizon reception, this phone could be a godsend for you.  It’s not your average prepaid phone — and that’s a good thing.  In this price range, I would definitely consider Optimus Quest, Optimus Zip, and Samsung Proclaim as viable options for your next prepaid phone.

The new ZTE Illustra is another phone option right in the same wheelhouse as this phone — for $99 — which is a pretty good price on a lower end android phone.

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*Straight Talk has just added the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and 4S to its available phones, which means that you can now have a top of the line phone and pay half what you would on a contact plan with Straight Talk’s unlimited talk, text, and web plan.  See all of the details at StraightTalk’s iPhone page!

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